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Hey there! Hunter here. 


Just a small town Iowa girl chasing a crazy photography dream amongst the neon lights of Nashville, TN. Some of my favorite things in this life are telling your beautiful love stories, photographing concerts and traveling anywhere or everywhere I can.

In my life, there are two major passions - weddings and music.

To me they’re different works of art – they’re different styles – they’re different driving forces in my life that keep me striving to be better as a photographer every day. I can’t help but feel inspired and creative whether or not it’s a groom seeing his bride for the first time and the smallest tear as he realizes he gets to spend forever with the love of his life - or an artist who realizes the crowd of thousands of people are singing back a song they have worked so hard on to be heard. I smile. I smile at the things I get to witness, the love and success I get to see amongst those I photograph. I love what I get to do! And I hope that one day I get to work with you because you see that too.


I feel like there is so much I could tell you about myself - like how I got to Nashville, how I started in photography, or little things about my life this far. But I'm a social butterfly and would much rather talk in person and hear about you! One last thing – I absolutely love meeting new people, so I promise you we will be like the best of friends!

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